Arrow to the Sun

A Pueblo Indian Tale

Told and Illustrated by 
Gerald McDermott

The Viking Press

The Boy, child of the Lord of the Sun, is mocked
by the other boys because he seems to have no
father. Then one day the boy comes to a decision:
"Mother," he says, "I must look for my father. No matter
where he is, I must find him." And thus begins his quest...

With vibrant colors and bold geometric forms, Gerald
McDermott brilliantly captures the stylization of Pueblo
art in this Caldecott Award-winning retelling of an ancient
legend. A young boy searches for his father, but before he
can claim his heritage he must first prove his worthiness
by passing through the four ceremonial chambers: the kiva
of lions, the kiva of snakes, the kiva of bees, and the kiva
of lightning. Striking in its simplicity and grace, ARROW TO
THE SUN evokes the Native American reverence for the
source of all life - the Solar Fire.